Meeting attendance

Thursday 28th October 2021 7.30 pm, Overview and Scrutiny Committee (meeting as the Crime and Disorder Committee)

Venue:   Council Chamber, Maldon District Council Offices, Princes Road, Maldon

Contact:    Committee Services

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Vanessa J Bell Chairperson Present
Councillor Carlie Mayes Vice-Chairperson Present
Councillor Mark G Bassenger Committee Member Present
Councillor Miss Anne M Beale Committee Member Present
Councillor Brian S Beale MBE Committee Member Absent
Councillor Richard P F Dewick Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Michael W Helm Committee Member Present
Councillor Bruce B Heubner Committee Member Present
Councillor Clive P Morley Committee Member Absent
Councillor Nick J Skeens Committee Member Absent
Councillor Chrisy Morris Committee Member In attendance
Councillor Wendy Stamp CC Committee Member In attendance