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High Street Reset and Recovery - Maldon High Street Consultation

09/03/2021 - High Street Reset and Recovery - Maldon High Street Consultation

The Council received the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance detailing the headline results of the Maldon High Street consultation as part of the Member-led High Street Reset and Recovery Group’s response to necessary restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 response and the funding opportunity to widen Maldon’s High Street.  The report also highlighted existing work programmes and the partnership working with Essex County Council’s Strategic Highways and Transportation Team to move forward with a sustainable future for Maldon’s High Street and connectivity to the wider area.


The Leader of the Council presented the report and proposed it be noted in accordance with the recommendation set out within it.  This was duly seconded.


In response to comments the Chairman reminded Members that this report was for noting and further reports would be brought back to the Council for consideration.  Councillor Mrs J L Fleming provided an update on the work of the Covid-19 Working Group and the suggestion to undertake some pedestrian surveys.


The report was duly noted, by assent.


RESOLVED that Members note the significant work that has been undertaken to support Maldon High Street, including the survey undertaken and to note that this work will now be taken forward as part of business as usual and with the already agreed policies within the Local Development Plan.