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Council Tax Support Scheme

11/02/2021 - Council Tax Support Scheme 2021 / 22

The Committee the report of the Director of Resources seeking Members’ consideration of the Local Council Tax Support Scheme (LCTS) for 2021 / 22.


It was noted that the Scheme was significantly unchanged to support the delivery of a largely cost neutral LCTS within the proposed budget for 2021 / 22.  Provision had been made to enable changes during the year and an Equality Impact Assessment had been carried out.


The Chairman put the recommendation as set out in the report, this was duly seconded and agreed by assent.  The Chairman thanked the Group Manager - Customers and her team for their hard work.


RECOMMENDED that the following changes to the existing Local Council Tax Support Scheme (LCTS) be approved:


a          a cost of living increase in line with the Department for Work and Pensions schemes be included in the Local Council Tax Support Scheme for 2021 / 22 for Pensioners only;


b          that any legislative changes being introduced to the Housing Benefit Scheme, for 2021 / 22 are mirrored in the Councils LCTS scheme to ensure consistency;


c          that amendments to the discretionary provisions of the LCTS to ensure that the Council is able to administer the various schemes to reflect local and national guidance;


d          that the LCTS may reflect any additional changes to government welfare benefit regulations during the year which are intended to:


·                 increase the income of benefit recipients; and


·                 be introduced during a financial year to;


to avoid any unintended consequences to customers.


e          that this decision has been made following Members careful reading of and regard to the Equality Impact Assessment attached at APPENDIX 3 to the Minutes.