Agenda item

FUL/MAL/18/01518 - Sandbeach, Hockley Lane, Bradwell -on-Sea, Essex, CM0 7QB

To consider the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance (copy enclosed, Members’ Update to be circulated)*.



Application Number



Sandbeach Hockley Lane Bradwell-On-Sea Essex CM0 7QB


Section 73A application to convert disused farm outbuilding into dog kennels, change of use of associated land to be used as a dog rescue centre and stationing of a caravan to be used as a veterinary practice in association with the dog rescue use.


Ms Charlene Nathan


Mr Ashley Wynn

Target Decision Date

26.04.2019 (E.o.T. 19.07.2019)

Case Officer

Spyros Mouratidis



Reason for Referral to the Committee / Council

Member Call In – Councillor R Dewick – Matter of public interest

A Members’ Update was submitted detailing a further three representations of objection. An update for one additional representation was given verbally.

Following the Officer’s presentation Michael Harris, an Objector, Parish Councillor Jean Allen, Bradwell-on-Sea Parish Council and the Applicant, Charlene Nathan, addressed the Committee.

At this point the Chairman reminded the Committee that should any Members leave the chamber during the discussion of an item on the agenda they cannot take further part in said item.

With reference to this application the Chairman said that as Ward member he had called the item in due to a number of concerns:- the location was unsustainable, not least for those employed there; the existence of an SSSI of major importance was an obvious concern; an ecology report would be necessary to deal with the presence of bats; given the previous comments dog numbers would need controlling and the public consultation was incomplete. He said, if acceptable, temporary consent would be preferable as it could assist in avoiding past mistakes. He questioned why the application was before the committee with an ongoing consultation period given the problems that arose with a similar application at the last meeting. 

Councillor Helm proposed that the application be deferred to include outstanding information and completion of the consultation period so that Members, as decision makers, could make an informed decision next time round. This was seconded.

The Lead Specialist Place advised the Committee that there was no problem with presenting the report at this stage as the application had already been through public consultation twice. He advised that with any application, should a material consideration arise after a decision is made at Committee by Members and before the planning notice is issued, it would have to come back to Members for a decision. There would always be instances where this occurs given the eight-week timelines planning works to. He reassured Members that Officers had undertaken all necessary risk assessments in respect of the application and that it was possible to condition all relevant outstanding issues to overcome the harm.

A long discussion ensued on the aforementioned issues and the general consensus among Members was that there were a lot of unanswered questions and outstanding information. This was a major concern given the history with this organisation. It was acknowledged that limiting dog numbers was problematic, however, the number of dogs on site was a key concern and it was proposed that a limit be set.  

The Chairman reminded Members that there was a proposal on the table from Councillor Helm to defer the application, which had been seconded by Councillor Beale.

He then put the proposal to the Committee to defer the application for a future meeting subject to additional information being sought in relation to ecology. Upon a vote being taken this was agreed.

RESOLVED that the application be DEFERRED for the following reasons:

1.               Deferred for future determination subject to additional information being sought in relation to ecology.


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