Agenda item

Quarterly Review of Corporate Risk

To consider the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance, (copy enclosed).



The Committee considered the report of the Director of Resources and its role in providing independent assurance to the Council on the adequacy of the risk management framework.  It was noted that the Risk Management Policy required this Committee to undertake a quarterly review of the Corporate Risk Register, attached at appendix 1, as assurance that the corporate risks are being managed effectively.


The Director of Resources introduced the report and reminded Members that this report represented the position as at the end of Quarter 4 ( 31 March 2019) on the corporate risks included within the Corporate Risk Register 2018/19. She advised that the Corporate Risk register was reviewed by CLT on a quarterly basis, reported on TEN and subsequently considered by the Audit Committee. In advance of taking Members through the register page by page, and as a guide, she drew Members attention to the scoring matrix used in the Risk Management Policy Methodology.


All Risks were considered, and the following were discussed in more detail:-


Risk 1Failure to safeguard children and vulnerable adults - Members were pleased to note that. given their role in the community, safeguarding training applied to both Members and Officers.


In response to a question regarding timing of training the Director of Service Delivery advised that safeguarding training would be rolled out later in the year. The reason for the delay was due to the reorganisation of the safeguarding area. Interim arrangements were in place and when staff were in their new roles training would commence for both Officers and Members. A lead Member was not deemed necessary as safeguarding was part of everyone’s remit.


Risk 5Failure to deliver the required infrastructure to support development arising from the LDP  - the Director of Strategy performance and Governance reported that the Council was in the final stages of appointing a Section 106 Officer  


Risk 6  Failure to have a clear shared plan regarding strategic ownership of coastal, fluvial and surface flood mitigation and long-term maintenance responsibilities – the Chairman reminded Members that they had agreed under Item 5 to review the risk score in light of progress made against the original risk. The Director of Strategy Performance and Governance reiterated that this risk was around the failure to have a clear shared plan which was now in place and therefore reviewing the scoring was appropriate.


Councillor Fluker proposed that the risk score be reduced by lowering the likelihood from 4 to 3 with no change to the impact score of 4, resulting in an overall score of 12. This was seconded by Councillor S P Nunn.


The Chairman put the proposal to the Committee and this was agreed.


Risk 11  Failure to protect personal or commercially sensitive data  - it was agreed that the end of June 2019 would be a timely point to review the score for this corporate risk.


Risk 16  Corporate policies not managed and reviewed  - it was noted that the Corporate model on was out of date and would be removed.


The chairman thanked the Director of Resources for the comprehensive report




(i)        That Members reviewed the information as set out in this report and appendix 1 and  their views and comments were considered;


(ii)       That in undertaking this review Members were assured that corporate risk was being managed effectively;


(iii)     That the Risk Score for Corporate Risk 6 - Failure to have a clear shared plan regarding strategic ownership of coastal, fluvial and surface flood mitigation and long-term maintenance responsibilities be reduced from 16 to 12.



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