Agenda item

Review of Performance 2018/19

To consider the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance, (copy enclosed)


The Committee considered the report of the Director of Strategy Performance and Governance seeking Members’ comments on the information as set out in both the report and appendix 1.


The Director of Service Delivery took the Committee through the report noting that this report covered Quarter 4 (January-March 2019), supplied Members with details of performance against targets set for 2018-19 and demonstrated that progress was being achieved towards the corporate goals and the objectives detailed in the Corporate Plan 2015-19. 


He informed Members that the Annual Performance report would be submitted to Council on 27 June 2019 and that this information was available on the Council’s Performance Management Risk System TEN, which all Members had access to.


Addressing appendix 1 to the report the Director of Service Delivery advised the Committee that those performance areas under the remit of this Committee were contained on pages 21-27 inclusive, denoted by a yellow arrow. He then took the Committee through the appendix which detailed those Key Corporate Activities (KCAs) assessed as being ‘behind schedule’ or “at risk of not being achieved”. In response to questions raised by Members he responded as follows:-


KCA – Establish management plans with community groups re management /maintenance of open spaces at Prom Park.


That the management plan covered management/maintenance of a range of areas from green spaces to Council buildings. The Central Hub facility will be looking at all of the central buildings within Promenade Park itself. Once the Council had a clear indication of how the Central Hub facility will operate the council will draft its new Management Plan to include all related park elements. This will replace the current management plan.


That given the recent vandalism to the glass panels at first floor level to the Lookout Point in Promenade Park, work had been undertaken on a new design to make it more secure. The proposed new design would remove the glass panels and replace them with half round timbers supported by steel braces. This would be a lot more robust without spoiling the purpose of the lookout point and the CCTV system would be replaced.


KCA – Percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting (including separate green waste)


That waste was broken down into different streams and there were clear statistics for both household and green waste recycling respectively. It was noted that Maldon District Council was only responsible for monitoring statistics on doorstep collections and that Essex County Council monitored waste deposits at tips/recycling centres.


That the statistics helpfully provided a breakdown of household waste covering the aforementioned categories, making it possible to easily identify those categories behind target.


That Officers would be working on an education programme with residents to reduce the amount of household waste. A meeting had been arranged for early next month with the contractors SUEZ who have a dedicated team that work on reducing waste using a range of interventions, including home visits. All advice will also be available online.


KCA – Work with Local Businesses and agencies to prepare for/implement projects for the Central Area Masterplan


That the findings of the Air Quality Management Area survey would be available at the end of the year. Officers will review outcomes and report back on potential solutions to the problem.


That the Future High Streets Fund would fund a comprehensive signage system throughout the town, not just in Butt Lane Carpark.


During the discussion, where information requested was not available, the Director of Service Delivery agreed to respond directly to Members outside of the meeting, this information included:


          Details of Compliments and Complaints broken down across all services areas;

          Confirmation that a reminder was sent to the contractors regarding appropriate care being taken around replacing bins once emptied;

          Reassurance that the information on Riverside Path signage was historically correct.


In conclusion the Director of Service Delivery informed the Committee that this was the last time performance would be reported in this way. The new reporting system would operate from July 2019.    


RESOLVED that performance against the targets set for 2018/19 be noted.


















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