Agenda item

FUL/MAL/18/01201 - The Barn, Fambridge Road, Mundon, Essex, CM9 6NL

To consider the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance (copy enclosed, Members’ Update to be circulated)*.



Application Number



The Barn, Fambridge Road, Mundon


Proposed single storey office extension and attached storage building with associated hardstanding and vehicle parking


Mr. Ian Corcoran - I.D.Corcoran Ltd


Mr. Anthony Cussen - Cussen Construction Consultants

Target Decision Date


Case Officer

Emma Worby



Reason for Referral to the Committee / Council

Member Call In – Councillor Miss S White (public interest)


It was noted from the Members’ Update that reference to the Parish of Great Totham in the table above was incorrect and that this should state Purleigh.


Councillor Miss White, a Ward Member, proposed that the application be approved in accordance with Officers’ recommendation.  This proposal was duly seconded and upon a vote being taken agreed.


RESOLVED that this application be APPROVED subject to the following conditions:

1          The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission.

2          The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans and documents: 1131/01, 1131/02, 1131/05, 1131/04, 1131/03, 1131/07, 1131.06, Noise Impact Assessment.

3          The materials used in the construction of the proposed development hereby approved shall be as set out within the application form/plans hereby approved.

4          No development works above ground level shall take place until details of the surface water drainage scheme to serve the development have been submitted to and agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The agreed scheme shall be implemented prior to the first occupation of the development. The scheme shall ensure that for a minimum:

1)        The development should be able to manage water on site for 1 in 100 year events plus 40% climate change allowance.

2)        Run-off from a greenfield site for all storm events that have a 100% chance of occurring each year (1 in 1 year event) inclusive of climate change should be no higher than 10/ls and no lower than 1/ls. The rate should be restricted to the 1 in 1 greenfield rate or equivalent greenfield rates with long term storage (minimum rate 1l/s) or 50% betterment of existing run off rates on brownfield sites (provided this does not result in a runoff rate less than greenfield).

You are advised that in order to satisfy the soakaway condition the following details will be required: - details of the area to be drained, infiltration rate (as determined by BRE Digest 365), proposed length, width and depth of soakaway, groundwater level and whether it will be rubble filled.


Where the local planning authority accepts discharge to an adopted sewer network you will be required to provide written confirmation from the statutory undertaker that the discharge will be accepted.

5          All foul sewage shall discharge to the public sewer as specified in the application form, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.


The premises shall only be occupied between 08:00 hours and 19:00 hours on Mondays to Saturdays, and shall be closed Sundays and Public Holidays. No persons shall be present upon the premises outside the permitted hours.


Deliveries to and collections from the site shall only be undertaken between 08:00 hours and 17:30 hours on weekdays and between 08:00 hours and 13:00 hours on Saturdays and not at any time on Sundays and Public Holidays.

6          No machinery shall be operated and no process shall be undertaken outside of

the building.

7          No goods, materials, plant, machinery, skips, containers, packaging or other similar items shall be stored or kept outside of the building.

8          No extraction or ventilation equipment, vents, air conditioning units or similar plant equipment shall be installed or fitted to any external part of the building except in accordance with a scheme to be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The scheme as approved and installed shall be retained as such thereafter.

9          No means of external illumination of the site shall be installed unless otherwise agreed in writing by the local planning authority. The external illumination shall be retained as such thereafter.

Supporting documents: