Agenda item

Maldon District Community Safety Partnership Update

To receive a presentation from the Community Safety Manager and consider the report of the Director of Customers and Community (copy enclosed).



The Committee considered the report of the Director of Customers and Community asking Members to note the progress of activities undertaken by the Maldon Community Safety Partnership and to also note the proposed priorities for 2016 / 17 and received a presentation from the Community Safety Partnership Manager.


Appendix 1 to the report outlined the statutory duties aligned to the Community Safety Partnership.  Following completion of the strategic assessment of crime, health and data perceptions from the last year, officers recommended that the priorities outlined in the report be adopted.  Action plans for each of the priorities were attached as Appendices 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to the report. 


Attached as Appendix 7 to the report was a copy of the most recent Essex Police strategic management performance data.


The presentation and report provided an update on a number of areas, in particular the following:

·                 Statutory Duties: The Officer outlined a number of areas relating to the statutory functions of the Maldon Community Safety Partnership (CSP) as outlined in Appendix 1 to the report. 

·                 Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Update: Members noted that the current PCC, Mr Nick Alston, indicated that he would not be standing for re-election.  The process for appointing a new commissioner was commencing soon with the election taking place on 5 May 2016.

·                 Victim-Offender-Location: These sub groups continued to meet on a regular basis and working streams for each group were effectively impacting on various areas of community safety.

·                 Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014: Members were reminded of the new Essex Police response to anti-social behaviour and how this involved each case being assessed on the new THRIVE call assessment model.  This ensured that each report is risk assessed for threat, risk and harm before allocation for a response or to a partner agency (i.e. a noise complaint would be referred to Maldon District Council). 


A number of questions were raised and the following information provided in response:


·                 Reducing Crime, the Fear of Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour: Councillor M S Heard asked for clarification on how the figures relating to the reduction in the fear of crime were measured.  The Community Safety Partnership Manager confirmed that information is collected in the form of surveys at community events, via the website and county tracker surveys.  Topics are looked at in detail and assessed. 

·                 Community Speed Watch: Concern was raised that there were still many volunteers across the District willing to be trained however the resource for training was not forthcoming.  The Community Safety Partnership Manager responded that this was a priority for the team and would be moved forward.

·                 Community Safety Events: Councillor Mrs P A Channer, CC asked for clarification on how the success of an event is measured.  The Community Safety Partnership Manager clarified that each project is evaluated to suit the nature of the event, whether it be by surveys, social media or direct communication with school pupils and teachers.

·                 Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO’s): The Community Safety Partnership Manager confirmed that this would be considered for other areas, not just town centre locations. 


The Committee then received a verbal update from Inspector Andy Sawyer of Essex Police in respect of Appendix 7 to the report, the Essex Police strategic management performance data.


Following the presentation Members raised a number of questions and in response, the following information was provided by Inspector Sawyer:


·                  Communication: The Director of Customers and Community confirmed that Inspector Sawyer would be invited to forthcoming meetings of the Parish Clerks Forum.  Inspector Sawyer added that methods of communication were being reviewed, with social media playing an important role, as well as the Essex Community Messaging Service.

·                  Rural Crime: Inspector Sawyer reported that Essex Police were well aware of the issues and they were an on-going concern for the force.

·                  Child Abuse Claims: This was an on-going piece of work with the Police working with partners and prosecutors to see what errors had been made in the past and what improvements could be made going forward. 

·                  Domestic Violence: Inspector Sawyer confirmed that when a case of potential domestic violence is reported by a neighbour then officers do always go to the property to investigate. 


The Chairman proposed that an additional recommendation be added in respect of the issues the Parishes considered a priority following the meeting of the Parish Clerks Forum, and that these be reported back to the next meeting of this Committee.  This was agreed.


The Chairman thanked Inspector Sawyer for attending the meeting.




(i)              that Members note the progress on the delivery plan for 2016 / 17 and the success of the initiatives undertaken by the Partnership;


(ii)            that the Committee is provided with quarterly figures for the previous periods January-June and July-December for comparison and to give a clear indication of the Police Authority’s performance;


(iii)          that Officers report back to this Committee with the priorities decided by the Parish Council’s following the meeting of the Parish Clerks Forum.

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