Agenda item

Update on the Local Development Scheme

To consider the report of the Director of Service Delivery, (copy enclosed).


The Council considered the report of the Director of Service Delivery providing an update on the timetable of the Local Development Plan (LDP) Review and seeking approval of a revised statutory timetable and Local Development Scheme (LDS) which would be maintained from this point in accordance with legal duties.


A draft of the revised LDS was attached at Appendix A to the report.  It was noted that the LDS was required to be published under Section 15 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended) and maintained to ensure it remained in date between editions.


The Chairperson moved the recommendations set out in the report and this was duly seconded.


Councillor A S Fluker proposed an amendment that the Assistant Director of Planning accounted for and reported any slippage to the Strategy and Resources Committee, along with an update on costs from the Section 151 Officer.  He advised it was important to understand why there was slippage, particularly in light of the importance of this project.  Councillor Fluker further proposed that recommendation (ii) be amended to include a report to the Council.  This proposal was duly seconded.


In response to the proposal the Assistant Director: Planning and Implementation advised Members that Legislation required the Local Planning Authority to maintain the LDS and this was translated into a live update which was reported through this report.  Officers were responsible for reporting to the Strategy and Resources Committee which was tasked with preparing the LDP and to whom monitoring reports were also reported on a statutory annual basis.  It was further noted that the Performance, Governance and Audit Committee would receive reports on the LDS as part of regularly monitoring.


At this point the Chairperson advised that in accordance with Procedure Rule 1(6)i this meeting of the Council would continue.  This was duly agreed.


The Chairperson put recommendation (i) to the Council which was duly agreed.  He then put recommendation (ii) advising that if this failed, he would then ask Councillor Fluker to raise his earlier proposition again.


In accordance with Procedure Rule No. 13 (3) Councillor A S Fluker requested a recorded vote.  The voting for recommendation (ii) was as follows:


For the recommendation:

Councillors M G Bassenger, V J Bell, D O Bown, S J Burwood, J Driver, M F L Durham, A Fittock, J C Hughes, K Jennings, A M Lay, W J Laybourn, S J N Morgan, R Pratt, N G F Shaughnessy, R H Siddall, N Spenceley, P L Spenceley, E L Stephens, N Swindle and M E Thompson.


Against the recommendation:

Councillors A S Fluker, L J Haywood, M G Neall, U G C Siddall-Norman and W Stamp.



Councillor K M H Lagan.


The Chairperson declared that recommendation (ii) was therefore agreed.




(i)                That the revised Local Development Scheme 2023 to 2027 be approved for publication on the Council’s website;


(ii)              That the Assistant Director for Planning and Implementation be granted delegated authority in consultation with the Chairperson of the Strategy and Resources Committee to amend the Local Development Scheme timetable, should the timetable slip, to ensure the Council complies with legal requirements on maintaining the Local Development Scheme.

Supporting documents: