Agenda item

Minutes - 13 July 2023

To confirm the Minutes of the Council meeting held on 13 July 2023 (copy enclosed).




(i)                that the Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 13 July 2023 be received.


The Chairman moved that the Minutes be confirmed and this was duly seconded.


Minute No. 156 – Motions from Councillor W Stamp (Motion 09/2023)

Councillor A S Fluker referred Motion 2 and raised the following points of accuracy:


·                  The second sentence had been attributed to the Chairperson, but this advice had been given by the Monitoring Officer.


·                  Although the recorded vote taken relating to this Minute had been stopped following a vote against the Motion, he felt that the recorded vote should be shown, and he asked the Chairperson consider adding it into the Minutes.


Minute No. 157 – Motions from Councillor R H Siddall (Motion 10/2023)

Councillor Fluker clarified that in respect of Motion 1 he had said that all Motions should stand deferred to the appropriate Committee as to do otherwise would be anti-democratic.


Minute No. 164 – Provisional Outturn 2022 / 23 Report Presented to the Strategy and Resources Committee on 22 June 2023

Councillor Fluker commented that his pre-amble to his proposal should have be included in the Minutes.  He reminded the Council that he had referred to the impact and disruption to residents from the developments in Maldon, Heybridge, Southminster and Burnham-on-Crouch and how the New Homes Bonus should be used to offset that disruption by providing local infrastructure rather than adding to the General Fund.


Councillor Fluker then referred to paragraphs 5 (a proposal he had made) and 8 (confirmation from the Chairperson that his proposal had been seconded) alongside the ‘post meeting note’ added which he challenged.  In response to the discussion Councillor M G Neall confirmed that at the last meeting of the Council he had seconded the proposal in the name of Councillor Fluker in relation to this item of business.  In response to a question from the Chairperson, Councillor Fluker clarified he wished the Minutes to be amended to show that Councillor Neall had seconded his proposal.  The Chairperson advised in light of this information that under Rule 22 he would need go back and check before reporting back to the Council once he had clarity on the matter.


Minutes No. 143 – Motions from Councillor A S Fluker (Motion 08/2023)

Councillor S J N Morgan referred to his response to a question from Councillor W Stamp regarding a remark he had made in a meeting.  Councillor Morgan advised that the meeting was in fact confidential and he therefore should not have made any response to the query and apologised to the Council for the breach of confidentiality.  Councillor Morgan explained how he had subsequently become aware that his reply could be regarded as a direct impugnment of the veracity and integrity of a member of this Council, he explained this was not his intention and accordingly apologised to the certain Member for any hurtful distress that they may have subsequently suffered as a result of his reply.  Councillor S White thanked Councillor Morgan for his statement and stated she appreciated the clarification.


The Chairperson put the Minutes to the Council subject to amendment and clarification.  This was duly agreed.




(ii)              that subject to amendment and clarification the Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 13 July 2023 be confirmed.

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