Agenda item

Maldon District Community Safety Partnership Update

To receive a presentation from the Community Safety Partnership Manager and consider the report of the Director of Customers and Community (copy enclosed).


The Committee considered the report of the Director of Customers and Community asking Members to note the progress of activities undertaken by the Maldon Community Safety Partnership since the last meeting held on 9 March 2016 and also to note the proposed priorities and action plan for 2016/17 and the success of the initiatives undertaken by the partnership to date.


Members were also asked to note the questions and answers arising from the meeting of the Parish Clerks Forum on 5 July as detailed within Appendix 2 of the report.


Members also received a presentation by the Community Safety Partnership Manager.


Attached as Appendix 1 to the report was a copy of the Essex Police Performance Summary to August 2016.


The presentation and report provided an update on a number of areas, in particular the following:

·                 Statutory Duties: The Officer outlined a number of areas relating to the statutory functions of the Maldon Community Safety Partnership (CSP). 

·                 Community Safety Priorities: The Officer outlined the areas of priority which were protecting and supporting vulnerable people and victims of crime, reduction in the harm caused by alcohol and drug misuse, promoting road safety and challenging irresponsible driving, reducing crime, the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour and reducing re-offending.

·                 Wider Strategy: the Officer advised Members of the wider strategy which included the Maldon District Council Corporate Plan which in turn crossed over onto other groups, plans and strategies.

·                 Police Crime Commissioner (PCC) Plan 2016 - 2020: The Officer drew Members’ attention to this section of his report which highlighted the current crime statistics for Maldon, including the two ongoing homicide investigations in the District.  He also drew attention to work on prevention that was being done in conjunction with a Government grant.

·                 Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB): The Officer drew attention to the Quarter 2 period for which figures were available and highlighted a new Youth ASB Group which aimed to engage primary and secondary age children who were at risk.  A Criminal Behaviour Order had been issued for a high risk perpetrator.

·                 Crucial Crew 2016: The Officer drew attention to various projects including Crucial Crew and the Burnham Graffiti Art Project which had proved to be popular and engaged young people.  The High Sheriff Lorna Rolfe JP had enjoyed a successful visit to Crucial Crew,

·                 What’s New?: The Officer highlighted various new initiatives within the District.


Following the presentation, the Chairman drew Members’ attention to a quantity of Crimestoppers Cards specifically aimed at Drug Prevention and supplied to the authority by The Community Partnership which would be distributed throughout the District by the Rangers.


Questions were raised and the following information provided in response:

·                 Youth ASB Group: The Community Safety Partnership Manager advised that the majority of the 26 youth ASBs was children of secondary school age, but there were some primary school children in that group. 

·                 Section 17: - Plans for areas of concealment  The Community Safety Partnership Manager advised that Section 17 had been mentioned to highlight that all statutory partners have a duty to consider community safety as part of their daily duties and that whilst he had not spoken directly to Planners on this issue, they would almost certainly have been consulted on particular projects over the years.  Moreover, there was a member of staff who could provide assistance on such matters.


RESOLVED that progress on the delivery plan for 2016 / 17 and the success of the initiatives undertaken by the Partnership be noted.

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