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22/00523/RESM Land At Broad Street Green Road, Maypole Road And Langford Road, Heybridge, Essex

To consider the report of the Director of Service Delivery, (copy enclosed, Members’ Update to follow)*.


Application Number



Land At Broad Street Green Road, Maypole Road And Langford Road, Heybridge, Essex


Reserved matters application for the approval of access, appearance, landscaping, layout & scale for the construction of 262 residential units with associated access, parking, servicing and landscaping (Phase 2 only) on approved application 15/00419/OUT (Part outline/part detailed (hybrid) application for mixed use development including: (i) Residential development (Use Class C3) for up to 1138 dwellings including 30% as affordable housing (Outline) (ii) Residential Care for up to 120 beds (Use Class C2) (Outline) (iii) "Neighbourhood" uses which may include retail, commercial, and community uses (Use Classes A1 and/or A2 and/or A3 and/or A4 and/or A5 and/or D1a and/or D1b) (Outline) (iv) Primary school and early years childcare facility (Use Class D1c) (Outline) (v) A relief road between Broad Street Green Road and Langford Road (Detailed element) (vi) Formal and informal open space (including any associated sports pavilion/clubhouse) (Use Class D2e) (Outline); (vii) Construction of initial gas and electricity sub-stations (Detailed); and (Viii) All associated amenity space, landscaping, parking, servicing, utilities (other than as listed in item (vii) above), footpath and cycle links, on-site drainage, and infrastructure works (Outline).


Bellway Homes (Thames Gateway)


Catherine Williams - Savills

Target Decision Date

27.10.2022 (EoT agreed: 05.12.2022)

Case Officer

Anna Tastsoglou



Reason for Referral to the Committee / Council

Strategic site within the strategic submitted Local Development Plan


It was noted from the Members’ Update that some further consultation responses had been received from Statutory and Internal Consultees and Officers proposed amendments to conditions 2 and 17.  The Officer advised that condition 7 would also require revision to update the plan numbers detailed to reflect the latest revisions.  This was noted.


Members were reminded that this application had been deferred from the last meeting of the Committee in order for the applicant to consider revising the scale, height and design of the north eastern block of flats proposed within parcel 12.  It was noted that following discussions with the Applicant amendments had been incorporated into the development and were set out in the Officers’ report.


During the Officer’s presentation Members were advised that since publication of the Members’ Update a consultation response had been received from Sports England raising no comments.  Following the presentation, Mr MacArthur from Bellway Homes, Applicant addressed the Committee.


Councillor M F L Durham proposed that the application be approved subject to the conditions set out in the report and Members’ Update.  This proposal was duly seconded.


Members discussed the application and a number commented on the amendments made following the last meeting of this Committee by the applicant.  In response to a question the Officer advised that play areas were included within the strategic landscape and infrastructure areas that are outside the residential parcels which were the subject of separate applications that had been considered by the Committee in the past.  It was confirmed that the proposed amenity space was compliant with the Council’s policies.


The Chairman then put the proposal in the name of Councillor Durham to the Committee and this was duly agreed by assent.


RESOLVED that this application be APPROVED subject to the following conditions:

1                 The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of two years from the date of this permission.

2                 The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans and documents:





9029/HT4-01 Rev B







9029-HT22-01 Rev B


9029/HT9-01 Rev A


9029/HT7-01 Rev C

9029/HT6-01 Rev B




9029/HT28-01 Rev A



9029/HT21-01 Rev B

9029/HT20-01 Rev B

9029/HT2-01 Rev B

9029/HT19-01 Rev A

9029/HT18-01 Rev B

9029/HT17-01 Rev B





9029/HT10-01 Rev A



9029/HT-27 Rev B

9029/HT-01 Rev B

9029/APT-10 Rev A

9029/APT-09 Rev A

9029/APT-08 Rev A

9029/APT-14 Rev B

9029/APT-13 Rev B

9029/APT-12 Rev B

9029/APT-11 Rev B

9029/55 Rev B

9029/54 Rev B

9029/53 Rev B

9029/52 Rev B

9029/51 Rev B

9029/50 Rev B


9029/33 Rev C

9029/32 Rev D

9029/31 Rev D

9029/30 Rev C

9029/29 Rev C

9029/28 Rev C

9029/27 Rev C

9029/26 Rev C

9029/25 Rev C

9029/24 Rev A

9029/23 Rev C

9029/22 Rev D

9029/21 Rev F

9029/04 Rev C

9029/03 Rev J

9029/02 Rev C

9029/20 Rev H



61596-C-011 Rev P1



61596-C-012 Rev P1

61596-C-010 Rev P2

61596-C-009 Rev P2

61596-C-008 Rev P2

61596-C-007 Rev P3

61596-C-004 Rev P5

61596-C-003 Rev P6

61569-C-006 Rev P3

3231.MA.4002 Rev B

3231.MA.4001 Rev A

3231.MA.4000 Rev A

3231.MA.2006 Rev C

3231.MA.2005 Rev C

3231.MA.2004 Rev C

3231.MA.2003 Rev C

3231.MA.2002 Rev C

3231.MA.2001 Rev C

3231.MA.2000 Rev C

3231.MA.1006 Rev D

3231.MA.1005 Rev D

3231.MA.1004 Rev D

3231.MA.1003 Rev D

3231.MA.1002 Rev D

3231.MA.1001 Rev D

3231.MA.1000 Rev D

3231.MA.900 Rev E

3                 The development shall be implemented in accordance with the dwelling mix hereby approved, which is as follows:

·        Market housing

·                  61 no. two-bedroom units

·                  74 no. three-bedroom units

·                  48 no. four-bedroom units

·        Affordable housing

·                  33 no. one-bedroom units

·                  38 no. two-bedroom houses

·                  8 no. three-bedroom houses

4                 No development works above ground level shall take place until samples of the facing material to be used, including glazing, have been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The works must then be carried out in accordance with the approved details.

5                 The boundary treatments for the development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the details and with materials as shown on plans 9029/23 Rev D, 9029/24 Rev A, 3231.MA.1000 and 3231.MA.4002 Rev B prior to the occupation of any of the dwellings.

6                 Notwithstanding condition 5 regarding the development being carried out in accordance with the submitted boundary treatments, details of the hard and/or soft landscaped boundary treatment within the communal gardens adjacent to the ground floor flats shall be submitted to and approved in writing by local planning authority, prior to the occupation of the development hereby approved. The development shall be implemented in accordance with the approved details and retained as such in perpetuity.

7                 Within the first available planting season (October to March inclusive) following the occupation of each deliverable section of the development hereby approved the landscaping works as shown on plan no’s 3231.MA.4002 Rev B, 3231.MA.4001 Rev A, 3231.MA.4000 Rev A, 3231.MA.2006 Rev C, 3231.MA.2005 Rec C, 3231.MA.2004 Rev C, 3231.MA.2003 Rev C, 3231.MA.2002 Rev C, 3231.MA.2001 Rev C, 3231.MA.2000 Rev C, 3231.MA.1006 Rev D, 3231.MA.1005 Rev D, 3231.MA.1004 Rev D, 3231.MA.1003 Rev D, 3231.MA.1002 Rev D, 3231.MA.1001 Rev D, 3231.MA.1000 Rev D, 3231.MA.900 Rev E and specifications included in the Landscape Design Access (3231.MA.RP001) and Landscape Maintenance Plan (3231.MA.RP002) forming part of this permission shall be fully implemented. If within a period of five years from the date of the planting of any tree or plant, or any tree or plant planted in replacement for it, is removed, uprooted or destroyed or dies, or becomes, in the opinion of the local planning authority, seriously damaged or defective, another tree or plant of the same species and size as that originally planted shall be planted at the same place, unless the local planning authority gives its written consent to any variation.

8                 Prior to the occupation of the development the vehicle parking shall be hard surfaced, sealed and marked out in parking bays and the approved garages shall be erected in accordance with the plans and details hereby approved. The vehicle parking area and associated turning area shall be retained in this form in perpetuity. The vehicle parking and garages shall not be used for any purpose other than the parking of vehicles that are related to the use of the development unless otherwise agreed with the Local Planning Authority.

9                 Electric car charging points in accordance shall be implemented in accordance with the details included in plan no. 9029/31 Rev D prior to the commencement of the beneficial use of the parking space within which they would be located. 

10              The dwellings not provided with a garage hereby permitted shall not be occupied until secure and weather protected storage for bicycles as sown on plan no 9029/22 RevD has been provided for the occupiers of these dwellings.  The bicycle storage shall be retained as approved in perpetuity.

11              The development shall be completed in accordance with the approved Construction Ecological Management Plan in Respect of Condition 7(g): Phase 2, 15 January 2022, Ref No.: 20/01-6B, by Ecological Expertise Evolved, Ecological Conservation Management Plan in Respect of Condition 13 – Phase 1 (dated 14th January 2021, ref 20/01-3C), Technical Survey Note: Bat Tree Survey 2021, by Ecological Planning and Research Ltd, Bat Technical Note: Survey Results and Recommendations, by Ecological Planning submitted under the terms of application 22/05005/DET and Research Ltd and Landscape Design Access (3231.MA.RP001 Rev D). The proposed ecological enhancements shall be retained as approved in perpetuity.

12              The development shall be completed in accordance with the approved Noise Assessment, September 2021 for Phase 2 and part of Phase 4 submitted with the approved application 21/00961/RES.  The proposed acoustic mitigation recommended on section 7 of the Noise Mitigation for Phase 1 shall be implemented prior to the relevant dwellings, which are to include these mitigation measures, are occupied. These acoustic mitigation measures shall be retained as approved in perpetuity.

13              Notwithstanding the provisions of Class A, B, C, D, and E of Part 1 of Schedule 2 of the Town & Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 (or any Order amending, revoking or re-enacting that Order) no garages, extensions or separate buildings shall be erected within the site without planning permission having been obtained from the local planning authority.

14              The first floor windows on the side elevations of those properties that have a flank to back wall relationship with the neighbouring sites shall only be glazed in obscure glass (the glass to be obscure to at least Level 4 on the Pilkington Levels of Privacy, or such equivalent as may be agreed in writing with the local planning authority) and fixed shut, except for any top hung fan light which shall be a minimum of 1.7 metres above internal floor level unless otherwise agreed in writing by the local planning authority.  In the case of multiple or double-glazed units at least one layer of glass in the relevant units shall be glazed in obscure glass to at least Level 4.

15              The trees and hedges identified for retention on the approved plan drawing number SJA TPP 22032-041 – Tree Protection Plan which is attached to and forms part of this permission shall be protected in accordance with the Arboricultural Implications Report, March 2022, Ref. SJA air 22032-01 during the course of the development. The trees and/or hedges shall be protected by measures which accord with British Standard 5837:2012 (Trees in Relation to Construction). The protective fencing and ground protection shall be erected before the commencement of any clearing, demolition and building operations and shall be maintained until all equipment, machinery and surplus materials have been removed from the site. Within the fenced protection zone(s) no materials shall be stored, no rubbish dumped, no fires lit and no buildings erected inside the fence, nor shall any change in ground level be made within the fenced area unless otherwise first agreed in writing by the local planning authority. If within five years from the completion of the development a tree or hedge shown to be retained is removed, destroyed, dies, or becomes, in the opinion of the local planning authority, seriously damaged or defective, a replacement shall be planted within the site of such species and size, and shall be planted at such time, as specified in writing by the local planning authority.

16              The site drainage shall be constructed in accordance with the Drainage Strategy Report by Richard Jackson Engineering consultants, dated March 2022, Project no: 61596 and shall be retained as such in perpetuity.

17              The sales suite as shown on plan no. 9029 - DSG hereby approved shall be constructed as approved. The use of the proposed sales suite shall permanently cease on or before the end of the sales period, which shall be agreed in writing by the local planning authority prior to the first use of the sales suite, and the building shall be converted into two single garages to serve units 1 and 2 within six months from the end of the sales period.

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