Agenda item

22/00473/FUL - Loftmans Farm, Maldon Road, Steeple, CM0 7RR

To consider the report of the Director of Service Delivery (copy enclosed, Members’ Update to be circulated)*.


Application Number



Loftmans Farm Maldon Road Steeple CM0 7RR


Construction of a two storey detached dwelling. Change of land use to C3.


Mr Steven Massenhove


Mr Anthony Cussen - Cussen Construction Consultants

Target Decision Date

20.05.2022 EOT Requested

Case Officer

Hannah Bowles



Reason for Referral to the Committee / Council

Member call in from Councillor Mrs P A Channer

Reason: S1 - Sustainable growth, S8 - Settlement Boundaries and the Countryside and D1 - Design Quality and Built Environment.


Following the Officers’ presentation the Applicant, Mr Massenhove addressed the Committee.


In response to a number of comments from Members, the Lead Specialist Place advises that that this application was for a dwelling and not an agricultural workers dwelling linked to the business on the site.  Should the applicant wish this to be considered this would need to be the subject of a separate application.  It was also noted that the Council’s Policy regarding employment detailed the need for evidence which this application did not provide.


The Chairman put the Officers’ recommendation of refusal.  This was duly seconded and upon a vote being taken was agreed.


RESOLVED that this application be REFUSED for the following reasons:

1          The application site lies within a rural location outside of the defined settlement boundaries where policies of restraint apply. The Council cannot demonstrate a five-year housing land supply to accord with the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework, however, the site has not been identified by the Council for development to meet future needs for the District and does not fall within either a Garden Suburb or Strategic Allocation for Growth identified within the Maldon District Local Development Plan to meet the objectively assessed needs for housing in the District. The site is poorly located relative to facilities, services and sustainable modes of transport.  The proposed development would result in the loss of an employment use and it has not been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the LPA that there is no demand for an employment use at this site. Furthermore, the proposal would substantially alter the character of the countryside, particularly through the introduction of a domestic character a of residential development, the extent of the garden land and appearance of the proposed dwelling are considered to significantly add to the visual harm of the proposal. The development would therefore be unacceptable, does not constitute sustainable development, would result in the unjustified loss of an employment generating use and a detrimental visual impact, contrary to policies S1, S2, S8, E1, D1 and H4 of the Maldon District Local Development Plan (2017) and Government advice contained within the National Planning Policy Framework (2021).

2          The proposed development has a potential significant impact upon protected and priority species. Insufficient information has been submitted to allow the Local Planning Authority to determine that the proposed development would not have significant impact upon protected and priority species, or the significant impact is such that it can be mitigated or compensated in a satisfactory way. The development is therefore unacceptable and contrary to policies S1, D2 and N2 of the Local Development Plan as well as guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework

3          In the absence of a completed legal agreement pursuant to Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, securing a necessary financial contribution towards Essex Coast Recreational disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy or an appropriate mitigation strategy to overcome the impacts of the development on the European designated nature conservation sites, the development would have an adverse impact on those European designated nature conservation sites, contrary to Policies S1, and I1 of the Maldon District Local Development Plan and the NPPF.

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