Agenda item

Review of Corporate Performance - Quarter 3

To consider the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance (copy enclosed).



The Committee considered the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance that required the committee to undertake a quarterly review of the Thematic Strategies performance, as assurance that performance was being managed effectively to achieve the corporate outcomes set out in the Council’s Corporate Plan 2021 - 2023.  Appendix 1 to this report provided an overview of performance as of the end of Quarter 3 (Q3)(October – December 2021).


The Chairman introduced the report and deferred to the Programmes, Performance and Governance Manager to present the detail.  She took the Committee through the report that provided a broad update for each theme and highlighted the position at Q3, along with any areas of concern.  All three themes delivery was on track but there were conditional elements.  The detail behind this was set out at Appendix 1, some of the measures themselves or the way they were being delivered was under review as outlined in the summary status for each individual area.


She drew Members’ attention to section 3.4 of the report and the indicators that sit at theme level that were at risk.  Currently, one indicator had met these criteria, which was the 5 year housing land supply statement, sitting in the ‘Place’ strategy.  It was noted that any developments in performance since January would be reflected in the next quarter 4 report.


In response to questions raised Officers provided the following information:


  • That a review of the performance process was imminent together with a Workshop for Members.  This would include report formats, reporting mechanisms and a review/reset of performance targets to ensure they were ambitious enough/ fit for purpose.


  • That in respect of fly-tipping performance targets Officers investigated sites as appropriate and worked with contractors to capture the information.  The bulky items collection service had been suspended to focus on normal collections and officers would report back on any correlation between this suspension and the increase in fly-tipping of like items.  In addition, possible resourcing of CCTV at known problem sites would be reviewed and reported back.


  • That in respect of section 3.4 ‘Community’ no individual indicators were at risk in this area.  That clarity on the issue of ‘data cleanse’ would be circulated to members.


  • That reporting on the five year housing land supply was not late, the dataset at this point in Q3 was not the complete set as the figures were reported annually.  However, the next reporting period, Q4, would contain full data.  The Council was on track as it had met the Housing Land test for the past four years.  The problem lay with the lack of supply of future housing to meet that test in future years which had been caused by both a lack of approvals in the planning process and delays in house build caused by initial rejections by Council e.g. the North Heybridge Garden Settlement.


  • That officers would check if there was still time to complete school led face-to-face projects and report back.


  • That in respect of progressing the work on the Air Quality Management Area officers awaited the results of the destination survey and outcomes from new funding bids and would report back.


  • That district-wide information on Section 106 projects would be reported at the July meeting of the Performance Governance and Audit Committee.


  • That officers would circulate information to clarify the 99% target on coverage for Superfast Broadband.


There being no further discussion the Chairman put the recommendations in the report  to the Committee and they were agreed by assent.




(i)            That Members reviewed the information as set out in this report and Appendix 1 with priority focus given to the Strategic Outcome level performance;


(ii)           That Members confirmed they are assured through this review that corporate

performance was being managed effectively.

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