Agenda item

Questions to the Leader of the Council in accordance with Procedure Rule 1 (3)(m)


Councillor R H Siddall referred to the covid challenge faced by the Council over the past year, having gone through the recent transformation.  He asked the Leader of the Council, having read the report presented to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, how she felt the Independent administration had faced those challenges and at the same time supported staff and services.  In response, the Leader commented that she felt the administration had handled the challenge to the best of its ability.  She referred to the transformation, its related cuts and the issues (some ongoing) as a result of it.  The Leader reported that Directors and staff were working very hard under difficult circumstances and pressures.


Councillor C Swain referred to events taking place in the Promenade Park over the weekends of 24 / 25 July and 1 / 2 August and how some local residents felt the noise level was excessive and intrusive.  He provided some example of the issues and asked the Leader of the Council how such problems could be avoided or mitigated in the future.  In response the Leader of the Council acknowledged that the Council had received some complaints but also many comments saying what fantastic events they had been.  She referred to the Director of Service Delivery who explained that mitigation had been put in place for a number of issues identified.  An Officer review meeting was scheduled to take place along with a meetings with the promoter and issues discovered would be taken into account.


Councillor C Morris asked the Leader of the Council three questions and in response to comment from the Leader, the Chairman advised Councillor Morris that the Leader of the Council had opportunity to give him a written response if she wished.


Councillor Mrs Channer referred to recent correspondence in response to the Governments announcements regarding county deals - District and County Councils working together.  The Leader of the Council advised that she would have to get back to Councillor Mrs Channer as she was unsure of the correspondence being referred to.  The Chairman advised that the Leader of the Council would respond to Councillor Mrs Channer’s questions in writing.


Councillor Mrs Channer referred to the recent closure of the Splash Park and asked the Leader of the Council if she could give an indication in terms of the refunds issued and numbers involved.  The Leader informed Members that this information had been requested and was due to be produced by one of the Directors within the next few days.  The Leader advised that she would provide Members with a written response once the information had been received.


Councillor M F L Durham referred to the first question asked by Councillor Mrs Channer and then to a summary of the MHCLG (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government) proposal for Local Government reform in the form of county deals sent to the Leader of the Council by the Leader of Essex County Council.   Councillor Durham asked the Leader of the Council when she would be advising the membership of Maldon District Council about the Government’s reorganisation.  In response the Chairman advised that he had already explained that the Leader would provide a written response.


Councillor R G Boyce left the meeting during this item of business and did not return.