Agenda item

Capital Project Bids 2021 / 22

To consider the report of the Director of Resources, (copy enclosed).


The Committee considered the report of the Director of Resources seeking Members consideration of the Capital Projects that had been put forward by Officers prior to the approval of the 2021 / 22 budget (attached as Appendix A to the report) and updated Medium-Term Financial Strategy in February 2021.


Members were reminded of the four groups into which each capital project (as set out in the report) had been categorised by Officers.  An update on the current capital reserves was provided including the monies proposed to support the current 2020 / 21 capital programme and those monies left for future years.  It was noted that any revenue consequences of the capital projects would be included in the 2021 / 22 revenue budget.


Members discussed in detail the Capital Project bids submitted, and in response to questions raised the following information was provided by Officers:

·                 The earmarked and unallocated reserves for 2020 / 21 were detailed on page 50 of the pack for this meeting.


·                 It was clarified that any pictures shown within the Appendix were indicative and Officers would ensure that competitive quotes / tenders were sought prior to procurement.  In respect of vehicles, it was confirmed that electric vehicles would be looked at.  It was suggested that this could be reviewed by the Finance Working Group.


·                 Officers provided an update regarding the Council’s procedure for redundant laptops.  Councillors Mrs P A Channer and M F L Durham highlighted a programme used by Essex County Council whereby laptops were refurbished and supplied to young persons.


·                 Riverside Park Information boards and signage – It was clarified that this was a resubmission of a previously agreed capital bid.


·                 Riverside Park – installation of new car park hard standing – The Lead Countryside and Coast Co-ordinator explained that this was to make improvements to the car parking area with marked spaces.


·                 Dengie 100 Sports Centre Gym Expansion – Members were advised that would be an ‘invest to save’ project.


·                 Maldon Promenade – New Improved Skate Park – The Commercial Manager advised that this had been brought forward following requests from Members and members of the public.

In response to a question regarding Burnham-on-Crouch, the Officer advised that Section 106 monies were expected, and he had recently carried out a review of the area to discuss some of the projects that would benefit from these monies.


·                 Burnham-on-Crouch Houseboats berth – The Commercial Manager clarified that this bid included a pontoon, walkway, utility connects etc. and the proposed monthly cost for berth holders.  The Officer advised that he would be happy to go through the scheme with any Members.  It was confirmed that due diligence and bench marking had been carried out.


The Chairman put the recommendation as set out in the report and this was duly seconded.  The Chairman clarified that the Capital Project Bits would be taken to the Working Group and come back to this Committee in January for recommendation to the Council.  The recommendation was then agreed by assent.


RESOLVED that the Capital Project Bids (as detailed in Appendix a to the report) be reviewed for inclusion in the 2021 / 22 Capital Programme (by assent).

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