Agenda item

Quarterly Review of Corporate Risk

To consider the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance (copy enclosed).




      The Committee considered the report and appendix 1 from the Director of Strategy, performance and governance on the  Risk Management Policy that required the Committee to undertake a quarterly review of the Corporate Risk Register as assurance that the corporate risks were being managed effectively.


The Chairman introduced the report and asked the Programmes, performance and Governance Manager to present it to the Committee.


The Programmes, Performance and Governance Manager addressing quarter 4 provided a summary to the Committee. She reported that the Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) had been reviewing the Risk Register on a weekly basis and that the report covered the direction of travel from quarter 3 to quarter 4. Overall there were three risks that had seen a reduction in score and three an increase. The information provided was to give Members an opportunity to review the risk management scores and challenge where there was concern on corporate delivery.


The risks that had reduced were Risk 29 – Failure to deliver services as a result of COVID-19; Risk 22 – Contracts not managed or owned not providing value for money and Risk 20 – Failure to have a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity plan. Those reporting an increase were Risk 9 – Co-ordinated approach to inward investment and business rate growth; Risk 15 – Failure to plan and deliver balanced budget and Risk 2 – Failure to target services and influence partners around the vulnerable population. All increases were due to the impact of COVID-19.


The Chairman welcomed comments and reminded the Committee that the Corporate Risk Register was owned by CLT and Members were being asked to comment on the risk scores, not the content.

In response to questions raised Officers reported the following:-


Ø    That in response to findings by internal audit and in line with industry standards best practice the Council had adopted the 5x5 risk rating scale.


Ø    That the high score around Risk 9 was a reflection of the impact of COVID-19. All economic strategies from local to worldwide had been adversely impacted. The focus at the moment was applying government based business support.


Ø    That the Director of Strategy, performance and Governance would report outside of the meeting on the status of governance within the risk register.


Ø    That governance was naturally an audit function and the results of the recent governance audit would be reported back to Committee in September 2020.


The Chairman concluded by advising the Committee that governance was also being reviewed by the Corporate Governance Working Group and that a report, together with an audit report, would be received by the committee in September 2020.


The Chairman then moved the recommendations in the report, seconded by Councillor Heard. The Chairman put the recommendations to the Committee and they were agreed by assent



(i)              Members noted the change in scoring in this report, to reflect recent policy updates.

(ii)            Members reviewed the Corporate Risk Register in Appendix 1 and provided comment and feedback for consideration.

(iii)          Members were assured through this review that corporate risk was being managed effectively.

(iv)          Members challenged risk where the Committee felt that the Council’s corporate goals may not be achieved.


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