Agenda item

End of Year Review of Corporate Performance

To consider the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance (copy enclosed).



As the Internal Audit Manager was experiencing difficulties joining the remote meeting the Chairman proposed that the Committee consider Agenda Item 7, Review of End of Year Performance, first. She then asked the Programmes Performance and Governance Manager to present the report.


The Committee considered the report, together with appendix 1, from the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance that covered the end of year review of Corporate Performance, as at the end of quarter 4 (31 March 2020) against the Council’s Thematic Strategies. The content provided assurance that performance was being managed effectively to achieve Corporate outcomes. It also afforded the Committee the opportunity, where necessary, to make consensus suggestion of improvement.


The Programmes, Performance and Governance Manager took the Committee through the report and appendix. She reported that overall performance against measures for 2019/20 had been good. Referring to appendix 1 she drew Members attention to those areas within the three thematic strategies where there were issues around delivery of measures , largely due to the impact of COVID-19. It was noted from the appendix that the supporting plans, underpinning each of the strategies, provided the full detail on the status of each measure.


 In response to questions raised by Members, Officers reported the following:-


Ø  That in respect of thematic Strategy Place ‘Maintaining Open Spaces’ the long term aim was to have management plans in place. However,  with some key staff vacancies as a result of transformation and the impact of COVID-19 this work  had to be re-prioritised due to competing demands. This will remain a priority.


Ø  That the development of an Air Quality Management Assessment Action Plan

was in hand. The working Group had met week commencing 22/6 and a report covering the results of the consultation was scheduled for Council on 2/7/2020.


Ø  That where resource issues were a factor this was largely due to COVID-19 but

also impacted by the fact that the Council was still operating slightly below full staff establishment. It was agreed a meeting be scheduled with the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance, Councillor E L Bamford and Councillor Mrs P A Channer, CC,  to discuss this matter further.


Ø  That details on the year 6 transition template for Junior Schools project be

circulated to Committee Members following the meeting.


Ø  That an update on those areas in the red category, ‘target not met’ would be

circulated to committee members.


Ø  That fly tipping was a variable picture across the district and was continuously

monitored and tracked and that closures due to Covid had exacerbated the situation.


Ø  That the Council has a 5 year housing land supply, it passed the Housing

Delivery Test programme from central government and was well on track in this area. COVID-19 had impacted locally, nationally and worldwide in this area.


Ø  That the figure of 21,000 jobs created related to the life of the Local Development Plan (LDP), progress towards the overall target.


Ø  That knowledge transfer was a serious concern hence the reason why the

Council operated a ‘handover’ process ensuring knowledge was retained. Furthermore, as a result of the transformation process, all procedures were now documented.


Ø  That whilst turnover of staff was generally low a report would be compiled

around staff turnover detailing numbers of leavers, grades, destinations, new appointments grades and benchmarking against other like authorities.


Ø  That information on exit questionnaires would be released if deemed

appropriate under GDPR.


The Chairman thanked the Officer for the comprehensive report and Members for their input. She moved the recommendations in the report and they were seconded by Councillor Channer. The Chairman then put the recommendations to the Committee and they were agreed by assent.




(i)              Members reviewed the information as set out in this report and appendix 1 with priority focus given to the Strategic Outcome level performance.


(ii)            Members are assured through this review that corporate performance is being managed effectively.


(iii)          Members challenged the performance where the Committee felt that the Council’s corporate goals may not be achieved.  


(iv)           Members questioned Members and Officers on decisions and performance, relating to comparisons with the Corporate Plan outcomes or in respect of decisions, initiatives or projects.


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