Agenda item

19/01093/FUL - Land South Of Wycke Hill And Limebrook Way (Western), Maldon, Essex

To consider the report of the Director of Service Delivery (copy enclosed, Members’ Update to be circulated)*.


Application Number



Land South Of Wycke Hill And Limebrook Way (Western)

Maldon Essex


Full planning application for infrastructure works, including: foul and surface water drainage; provision of highways; site levelling and associated works for the Western Parcel of planning permission 18/00071/FUL.


Crest Nicholson (Eastern)


Ms Catherine Williams - Savills

Target Decision Date


Case Officer

Kathryn Mathews



Reason for Referral to the Committee / Council

Strategic site in the Approved Local Development Plan


Councillor C Morris joined the meeting during this item of business.


It was noted from the Members’ Update that a consultation response had been received from the Tree Consultant.  Members were advised that the recently submitted Arboricultural Method Statement needed to be included in the list of documents referred to in suggested condition 2.  This amendment was noted.  A second Members’ Update circulated detailed a consultation response received from Essex County Highways and set out a proposed additional condition in response to the consultation response.


Following the Officers’ presentation the Agent, Ms Williams from Savills addressed the Committee.


A lengthy discussion ensued, during which and in response to questions raised the Lead Specialist Place and Specialist – Development Management provided Members with further clarification in respect of a number of areas, including:


·                 Archaeology;


·                 Tree removal;


·                 Flood risk;


·                 Access to the site including cycle ways.


In response to a question regarding Section 104 agreements the Specialist – Development Management advised that these related to the adoption of sewers, was under different legislation and had no bearing on Section 106 agreements, payments or financial contributions. 


The Chairman moved the recommendations as set out in the report as amended by the Members’ Updates.  This proposal was duly seconded.


In accordance with Procedure Rule No. 13 (3) Councillor C Morris requested a recorded vote. 


For the recommendation:

Councillors E L Bamford, Mrs P A Channer, M F L Durham, M R Edwards,
J L Fleming, A S Fluker, A J Hull, J V Keyes, K M H Lagan, C Mayes, S P Nunn,
N G F Shaughnessy, R H Siddall, J Stilts, Mrs M E Thompson and Miss S White.


Against the recommendation:

Councillor C Swain.



Councillor R G Boyce.


During the recorded vote Councillor Morris was advised by the Chairman, that in accordance with the Council’s Constitution as he had not been present for the whole of the discussion on this item of business he was not able to vote.


RESOLVED that this application be APPROVED subject to the following conditions:

1          The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission.

2          The development hereby permitted shall be carried out and maintained in accordance with the following approved plans and documents:

·                 Phase 2 Ecological Surveys and Assessment dated October 2019

·                 Flood Risk Assessment ref. 181870-05B

·                 Written Scheme of Investigation for a Programme of Archaeological Evaluation August 2018

·                 Construction Code of Conduct Method Statement Rev B dated October 2019

·                 Arboricultural Impact Assessment rev.4 October 2019

·                 RSK Ground Investigation Report 1920358-R01 (00) dated November 2018

·                 Drainage Strategy Technical Note dated October 2019 ref. 181870-03B

·                 Highways Technical Note ref. 181870-01A dated November 2019

·                 Location plan 14862-000A Rev B

·                 CN077-WEST-IF-001 Rev K

·                 181870-111 Rev C

·                 181870-112 Rev C

·                 181870-113 Rev C

·                 181870-201 Rev E (for site levels only)

·                 181870-202 Rev E (for site levels only)

·                 181870-203 Rev E (for site levels only)

·                 181870-204 Rev E (for site levels only)

·                 181870-300 Rev B

·                 181870-301 Rev B

·                 181870-302 Rev B

·                 181870-303 Rev B

·                 181870-304 Rev B

·                 181870-305 Rev B

·                 181870-306 Rev B

·                 181870-307 Rev B

·                 181870-308 Rev B

·                 181870-309 Rev B

·                 181870-310 Rev B

·                 181870-311 Rev B

·                 14862-SS-01 Rev 00

·                 Arboricultural Method Statement rev. 3 January 2020

3          In the event that contamination that was not previously identified is found at any time when carrying out the approved development it shall be reported in writing to the Local Planning Authority.  An investigation and risk assessment must be undertaken in accordance with the requirements of Condition 74 of planning permission reference 18/00071/FUL, and where remediation is necessary a remediation scheme must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of Condition 74 of planning permission reference 18/00071/FUL, which is subject to the approval in writing of the Local Planning Authority. Following completion of measures identified in the approved remediation scheme a validation report must be prepared, which is subject to the approval in writing of the Local Planning Authority in accordance with Condition 77 of planning permission reference 18/00071/FUL.

4          The road network hereby approved shall not be beneficially used unless and until a vehicular link to the western boundary of the site has been provided in accordance with details which shall have been submitted to and gained the prior written approval of the local planning authority.


Supporting documents: