Agenda item

Capital Project Bids 2020 / 21

To consider  the report of the Interim Section 151 Officer (copy enclosed).


The Committee considered the report of the Interim Section 151 Officer seeking Members’ consideration of the Capital Projects put forward by Officers prior to the approval of the 2020 / 21 budget and updated Medium Term Financial Strategy. 


This Committee at its meeting on 5 December 2019 Officers had received a report on Capital projects and Officers had been requested to submit further information on Service Improvement and Services Failure projects and this report sought to provide that information.  It was noted that projects had been reviewed and recategorized where required.  One project had been added, some projects had also been removed from the project list and the report provided further details of these.


Detailed project sheets for each project were set out in Appendix A to the report and it was noted that the projects had been categorised into Essential and Service Failure.  The Chairman advised Members that the headers on pages 199 – 208 of the agenda pack should refer to 2020 / 21 Budget Process.


A debate ensued during which questions were raised in relation to specific capital projects and in response the following information was provided:


·                    Rigid Inflatable Boat - Members were advised of the work being done to reduce Anti-Social Behaviour and improve enforcement on the river.  It was noted that the Council’s current workboat did not fulfil the functions required of it and therefore this Capital Project had been put forward for consideration.  The Director of Service Delivery advised that a Rigid Inflatable Boat was the best solution for the Council and assured Members that there was budget which would be utilised to maintain the new boat, if approved.  It was clarified that the new boat would be stored out of the river and launched as and when required.  The Commercial Officer clarified that the River Baliff would train other suitable Officers on use of the boat. 

In response to a question regarding enforcement income, the Director of Service Delivery advised that he did not have that information but would provide Members with it outside of the meeting.


·                    2 Ride on John Deere mowers and Wood Chipper- In response to a question regarding using contractors, the Director of Service Delivery explained the multi-faceted work of the Parks Team.  He explained that the equipment that formed these capital project bids related to day to day activities carried out by the team.

In response to a further question, Members were advised that the Council did carry out mowing etc. for Parish Councils for which they were charged.


The Interim Section 151 Officer provided some clarification to the Committee in respect of leasing equipment and changes to accounting standards which had resulted it leasing equipment being less favourable.


Members were informed that any procurement in respect of the Capital Programme would follow the Council’s procurement policy and procedures.


RECOMMENDED that the Capital Project bids set out in APPENDIX 3 to these Minutes be considered and the items for inclusion in the 2020 / 21 Capital Programme be identified.

Supporting documents: