Agenda item

Review of Performance - Quarter 1

To consider the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance (copy enclosed).



The Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance presented his report to the Committee which provided details on performance for quarter one of 2019/20.  Members were requested to challenge the performance or allocation of resources where Corporate Goals had not been achieved, and where appropriate identify what, if any, action would be required to bring performance back on track.


A discussion on the Review of Performance for Quarter 1 ensued with the following comments being made with regards to appendix 1 of the report:


Delivery of the strategic sites as set out in the adopted Local Development Plan for the Maldon District
The Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance advised that progress had been made on the Taylor Wimpey site, however the North Heybridge plans had been rejected.  It was noted that the five-year housing plan was on schedule and that a second application was to be presented next month.


Co-ordinate delivery, management and maintenance of strategic infrastructure
This was behind schedule as due to staff shortages it was not progressed at the expected rate.


North Heybridge Flood Alleviation Scheme
Members were advised that due to figures being brought forward from the previous municipal period this item was showing as behind schedule.  It was also noted that the Flood Liaison Awareness Group (FLA) had been discontinued.


In September 2019, the Environment Agency (EA) will be carrying out a full evaluation with the economically preferred option expected to have been identified by the EA in Autumn 2019.  The recommendations will be circulated to Members upon receipt, however a date cannot be provided at this time.


Brickhouse Farm
This scheme is run by Essex County Council (ECC) and a start date for ecology works was yet to be confirmed.


Central Area Masterplan
The Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance advised the Committee that funding for the High Street had been unsuccessful.  It was acknowledged that Butt Lane Car Park required further funding and signage.


There were links from the Central Area Masterplan to high-street improvement:

·       Project 1 related to the upper high-street; and

·       Project 2 related to the lower high-street.


Revenues and Benefits
The processing of new claims had slipped outside of the target date by 0.9 days.  Figures were considered an improvement on the previous year, where the quarter 1 2018/19 figure was 35.2 days.

Change in Circumstances had slipped outside of the of targets but was also considered a significant improvement from quarter 1 2018/19.

Drops in performance had been identified and it was acknowledged by the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance that this was partly due to staffing.


Planning Applications
It was noted that, at the behest of the Committee, indicators had been amended to reflect those used nationally.  The Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance acknowledged that performance had slipped, however the department was considered vulnerable due to the restructure and staff losses.  To mitigate this interim staff had been brought in to ensure business continuity.


Review of Performance
The Committee was advised that the current format of the report will be changed for the next meeting and it was acknowledged that this would be harder to compare against the previous quarter/tax year. 


Members acknowledged the good work which continued to be carried out by Officers across the Council.



    (i)          that the contents of the report be noted;

  (ii)          that the actions detailed above be actioned.


Supporting documents: