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Overview and Scrutiny Committee

This page lists the meetings for Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


Information about Overview and Scrutiny Committee

The Council has decided to have one Overview and Scrutiny Committee with a Membership of eight.  The principal responsibilities of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee will be:

·               Examining the decisions and performance of other Committees and also Council Officers, with particular reference to service plans and targets;

·               Ensuring the effective management of risk by the Council;

·               Assisting the monitoring of the achievement of Value for Money;

·               Making recommendations arising from the outcome of the scrutiny process;

·               Acting as the Council’s Crime and Disorder Committee.


and at its discretion may:

·               Assist in the development of the Council’s budget and policy framework;

·               Consider and propose mechanisms to encourage and enhance community participation, and to assist in enhancing the interests of local people by collaborative working with external organisations;

·               Review and scrutinise the performance of other public bodies in the Maldon District.