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New Council Structure and Constitution - Transformation Programme

Meeting: 12/09/2019 - Council (Item 395)

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To consider the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance, (copy enclosed).

Additional documents:


The Council considered the report of the Director of Service Delivery seeking Members’ approval and adoption of a new Constitution for the Council (attached as Appendix A to the report) to take effect on 3 October 2019.


The report outlined the review and updating process undertaken in respect of the various constitutional documentation in relation to the new structure emerging from the Council’s transformation programme. 


The Leader of the Council paid tribute to the Corporate Governance Project Officer, the huge amount of work he had done on this project and thanked him on behalf of the Council.  The Leader also thanked the Corporate Governance Working Group for the huge amount of work it had put into getting this right.  He then proposed that the recommendations as set out in the report be agreed.  This proposal was duly seconded.


In response to comments raised and the following information was provided:

·                 Independent Persons were not members of the Joint Standards Committee.  The relevant Articles of the Constitution set out that although not members they were routinely invited to attend and take part in discussions at such meetings.


·                 Procedure Rule 22 referred to Members receiving a printed copy of the procedure rules and in response the Leader of the council advised that reference was also made to electronic copies within the constitution however, if a printed copy was required he was sure Officer would facilitate this.


Councillor M S Heard proposed an amendment to the last sentence of paragraph 12.3 of the Access to Information Procedure Rules advising that the right to know should be reasonable.  In response the Chairman of the Council advised that it was not possible to put an amendment which negated what was already there and he did not feel this was a valid amendment. 


The Chairman then put the recommendation of the Leader of the Council and this was duly agreed.




(i)              That subject to (ii) below the Council approves and adopts the new Constitution both as a framework and also incorporating the documentation in Appendix A to the report to take effect on 3 October 2019;


(ii)            That the following components included in the Constitution in their existing form be reviewed and updated at the earliest opportunity:

·                 Financial Regulations;

·                 Contract Procedure Rules;

·                 Code of Good Practice and Guidance on the Conduct of Planning Matters.


(iii)          That the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance be authorised generally to update the Constitution and its component parts to ensure accuracy and to be reflective of organisational arrangements.