Issue - meetings

Public Participation

Meeting: 15/01/2019 - Community Services Committee (Item 741)

Public Participation

To receive the views of members of the public on items of business to be considered by the Committee (please see below):

1.               A period of ten minutes will be set aside.

2.               An individual may speak for no more than two minutes and will not be allowed to distribute or display papers, plans, photographs or other materials.

3.               Anyone wishing to speak must notify the Committee Clerk between 7.00pm and 7.20pm prior to the start of the meeting.


The Chairman informed the Committee that, having taken advice from the Monitoring Officer, there would be a change to the normal procedure regarding public speaking. He advised that it would be best to have the member of the public speak at the beginning of the Private and Confidential Agenda Item 10 Lease proposal, Blackwater Leisure Centre. This was to ensure confidentiality on the part of the other businesses involved in this agenda item.