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Meeting: 04/11/2021 - Council (Item 357)

357 Minutes - 2 September 2021 pdf icon PDF 255 KB

To confirm the Minutes of the council meeting held on Thursday 2 September 2021 (copy enclosed).




(i)              That the Minutes of the Council meeting held on 2 September 2021 be received.


Minute No. 239 – Statement of Community Involvement – Adoption

Councillor Mrs P A Channer referred to this item and how she along with the Council had acknowledged the good work of an officer, Leonie Alpin, when this item was considered.  She asked that the Minutes be amended to include the Officers’ name.


At this point, Councillor Mrs Channer indicated she had other items to raise in respect of the Minutes and the Chairman advised he would come back to the Minutes later in the meeting.  However, this did not occur due to the adjournment and subsequent closure of the meeting.