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Strategy and Resources Committee - 28 January 2021

Decision Maker: Council

Decision status: For Determination

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: No




(i)              that the Minutes of the Strategy and Resources Committee on 28 January 2021 be received.


The Chairman of the Strategy and Resources Committee presented the Minutes and the following recommendations for consideration by the Council.  He advised that recommendations contained within the Minute Numbers 216 - 220 were not consideration as they formed part of Agenda Item 5 – 2021 / 22 Budget and Medium-Term Financial Strategy and therefore would be considered by the Council at that stage.  This was duly seconded.


Councillor R G Boyce raised a point of order referring to the business detailed on the agenda for this meeting, commenting that this extraordinary meeting of the Council had been called to discuss the budget and that should be the only item of business for consideration.  In response the Chairman of the Council advised that this was at his discretion and he was happy to allow these matters to be brought forward in the interest of efficiency for the Council.


Minute 221 – Annual Review of Financial Regulations




(ii)            that the revised Financial Regulations, attached at Appendix 1 to the Minutes of the Strategy and Resources Committee, be approved.


Minute 222 – Contract Procedure Rules Review and Update




(iii)      That the revised Contract Procedure Rules at Appendix 2 to the Minutes of the Strategy and Resources Committee be approved.


(iv)      That the Director of Resources is authorised to make minor changes to the Contract Procedure Rules; minor changes are defined as:


                  Changes in statutory framework, such as references to new or updated legislation;


                  Changes in titles, names or terminology;


                  Changes consequential to other constitutional changes already made.


Minute 223 – Council Tax Support Scheme 2021 / 22




(v)       that the following changes to the existing Local Council Tax Support Scheme (LCTS) be approved:


(a)       a cost of living increase in line with the Department for Work and Pensions schemes be included in the Local Council Tax Support Scheme for 2021 / 22 for Pensioners only;


(b)       that any legislative changes being introduced to the Housing Benefit Scheme, for 2021 / 22 are mirrored in the Councils LCTS scheme to ensure consistency;


(c)       that amendments to the discretionary provisions of the LCTS to ensure that the Council is able to administer the various schemes to reflect local and national guidance;


(d)       that the LCTS may reflect any additional changes to government welfare benefit regulations during the year which are intended to:


                  increase the income of benefit recipients; and


                  be introduced during a financial year to;

to avoid any unintended consequences to customers.


(e)       that this decision has been made following Members careful reading of and regard to the Equality Impact Assessment attached at Appendix 3 to the Minutes of the Strategy and Resources Committee.


Minute 224 – Pay Policy Statement




(vi)      that the Pay Policy Statement attached at Appendix 4 to the Minutes of the Strategy and Resources Committee be adopted for 2021.


Minute 225 – Insurance Tender




(vii)     that the tender process to ensure the Council has compliant insurance contracts in place by 1 October 2021 be commenced;


(vii)     that the insurance contract tender process be put in place for five years with an option to extend the process for a further two years Long Term Agreement.


Minute 214 – Disclosure of Interest

Councillor Mrs P A Channer referred to her declaration of interest and asked Members to agree the following amendments:


“…the papers relating to the vessel Llys Helig and houseboats.  Councillor Mrs Channer advised that although in the past she had removed herself from the meeting for such items she felt she was able to remain as things had moved on regarding the vessel but would not comment should the vessel Llys Helig itself be discussed.”


Councillor Siddall advised he was happy with the proposed amendment.  This was duly agreed.


Minute 219 – Revised 2020 – 21 Estimates, Original 2021 / 22 Budget Estimates and Council Tax 2021 - 22

Councillor Mrs Channer advised that the second bullet on page 10 should read as follows:

·                 the Government had recently announced a further £15m to be allocated in


She also advised that prior to the vote taking place she had advised the Committee that she reserved judgement until all budget papers were available.  She therefore requested that the following paragraph be added prior to the penultimate paragraph for this Minute:


Councillor Mrs P A Channer indicated that she reserved judgement until she had seen all the budget papers at the budget meeting.  Prior to assent being agreed Councillor Mrs Channer placed a caveat regarding herself on the basis that further information may come forward.


Councillor Mrs M E Thompson advised that she had reserved the same judgement as Councillor Mrs Channer and requested that she be included in the suggested additional paragraph.


Councillor Siddall advised he was happy to accept these amendments and they were duly agreed.  In response to a question, he advised that the Minutes of this Committee would be brought to the next meeting of the Strategy and Resources Committee where they would also be reviewed and agreed.  Councillor Siddall then moved his earlier proposition with the addition of the amendments detailed.  This was duly seconded and agreed by assent.




(ix)      That subject to the above amendments, decisions and with the exception of Minute Numbers 216 – 220, the Minutes of the Strategy and Resources Committee held on 28 January 2021 be agreed.

Publication date: 09/03/2021

Date of decision: 23/02/2021

Decided at meeting: 23/02/2021 - Council

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