Agenda item

Roads Policing in Maldon District

To receive a presentation from Adam Pipe, Head of Roads Policing.


The Chairman advised that this item of business would be considered next on the agenda.


The Committee received a presentation from Adam Pipe, Head of Roads Policing which informed Members of the current Roads Policing Teams and the work they undertook including those areas arising from the Force Plan and Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner’s Improving Road Safety Plan.


As part of the presentation, and in response to questions, the following information was provided:


·                  Killed and Serious Injury Casualties (KSI) – The Maldon District had in 2021 seen an increase in casualties compared with 2020 and further breakdown of the related figures was provided along with the common contributors.  It was noted that drugs were proving a large part of road traffic fatalities and Members were provided with further statistics in relation to this area.  In referencing the roads to the Dengie Mr Pipe advised that teams would be out in marked and unmarked vehicles to take positive action.  Speed was the second highest contributary factor and the attraction of a market town to young drivers leading to groups of such drivers meeting were referenced.  Drive by social media was a particularly difficult area to police due to its spontaneous nature, however plans were being put in place for a response procedure.

Mr Pipe referred to the huge impact on KSI and ‘Vision Zero’ for 2040 which would target safe roads and roadsides, safe vehicles, speeds and road use along with post collision response and case.  This would involve a total change to how people used the road network and be underpinned by a safe system approach.  Speed would be an important part in this, and it was noted that Essex County Council was currently updating its speed management plan.  It was planned that as part of Vision Zero, Safe Roads and Safe Roadsides would look at designing out collisions and the possibility of casualties.  Consideration would be needed in respect of new developments and new roads and new developments and Mr Pipe referenced average speed systems in relation to these.


·                  Maldon High Street / Average Speed Cameras – It was intended that Maldon High Street and Market Hill would see a reduction in speed limit to 20 Miles Per Hour (MPH).  Mr Pipe advised that the enforcement of this was difficult and referred to average speed products which could assist with compliance without the need for Police intervention.  The Director of Service Delivery advised that the Council was having discussions with the Police around average speed cameras and new planning developments.

At this point Mr Pipe referenced a scheme which had seen recent success in Clacton.  This involved the public sending in digital images of anything on the road which was not correct.  CCTV images were also used and cases being brought to court on a monthly basis.


·                  Updated Mobile Phone Legislation – Current phone legislation was to be updated on 25 March 2022.  The most significant change related to the introduction of a life term tariff for death through drink or drugs.


·                  Speed Management – A total review of the speed management strategy was currently underway, and the new strategy would look to afford more protection on routes used by more vulnerable road user groups.  Members were advised that engagement with such current groups was underway and would include the motorcycle community.


·                  TruCam/ Speed Watch – The Fire Service were leading on the Community Speed Watch initiative which now had 120 groups and 12,000 volunteers.  Essex County Council Road Safety Officers were involved in training alongside the Fire Service and Police.  Members were advised that volunteers would not be given TruCam for enforcement purposes, however an increase in resources would allow Officers to provide further assistance to such groups.


·                  Members were advised that the Police operated both a marked and unmarked fleet of vehicles, with these being based both at the Stanway and South Woodham Ferrers stations.  Mr Pipe advised of improvements being made and investment of £1.5m within the operational policing command which included roads, dogs, armed response and noted that all cars would now be fitted with front and rear facing cameras.


·                  In response to a question regarding the old Police Station in Maldon, Chief Inspector Scott-Haynes advised that estate issues within Essex Police were out of his control however the old station had now been sold by Essex Police.  Members were advised that the Police would be expanding its space at Maldon District Council offices.


Mr Pipe concluded advising that there was a lot happening in the small team, and the importance of being seen at different locations.


The Chairman thanked Mr Pipe for his informative presentation.