Agenda item

Police Performance Update

To receive a presentation on Police performance from Chief Inspector Steve Scott-Haynes.


Chief Inspector (CI) Steve Scott-Haynes addressed the Committee and drew Members’ attention to the Essex Police Performance Summary report, appended to Agenda Item 6 - Maldon District Community Safety Partnership Update.


CI Scott-Haynes provided Members with a detailed update and highlighted the following areas:


·                 Community Policing Team – In the latest precept 78 officers were being brought into the force specifically to increase town centre teams.  Maldon had been allocated five of these officers, which with current resources would now give one sergeant and six police constables to cover the whole of the District including the Dengie.  In addition, Members were advised that the Police would be doubling its footprint at the Maldon District Council offices.


·                 Crime - Crime figures had increased, although this was expected with the easing of lockdown.  It was noted that the Maldon District had the second lowest crime rate (per head of capita) in Essex.


·                 CI Scott-Haynes referenced a number of Ongoing Operations regarding drug dealing, increasing stop and search and intel gathering.  It was noted that the Maldon District was running above the national average in respect of positive stop and searches.


·                 Partnership working was continuing and there had been significant arrests recently in relation to home grown drugs.  A day of action was being planned.


·                 Anti-Social Behaviour had seen an increase, but the team were working on reducing this.  Some Officers had been redesignated to High Schools following concern regarding anti-vaccine protestors attending.


·                 A number of areas which had seen decreases in activity such as residential burglary could be related to the recent pandemic and lockdowns.


·                 The quarterly confidence survey had been carried out and was at its highest level, with 83% stating that the Police were doing a good job.  However there had been a drop in the category ‘feeling informed about what the Police are doing in my local area.  CI Scott-Haynes advised that this meant that information was not getting reaching residents and he highlighted work being done to resolve this including newsletters and restarting coffee with cops.  He informed Members that any further suggestions would be greatly received.


Following the update from CI Scott-Haynes and in response to questions from Members the following information was provided:


·                 In respect of racial and religiously aggravated offences Members were advised that this area had previously been under reported and the Police were now seeing greater reporting of such offences which equated for some of the increase in this area.  The Police were working to address specific issues relating to shops where shop owners had suffered abuse, in addition to developing links with the gay community. 


·                 The Police had been working with schools, dispersal teams, etc. to not only get messages across but also re-educate people.


·                 Instances of Anti-Social Behaviour reported in Southminster and Bradwell had been targeted by Officers along with the Tri-Services Officer.


The Chairman referred to some questions sent by Councillor W Stamp and the Director of Service Delivery advised that he would be writing to the Chief Inspector and responding to Councillor Stamp directly regarding these.


The Chairman thanked Chief Inspector Scott-Haynes for attending the meeting and his presentation.