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19/01097/RES - Land South Of Wycke Hill And Limebrook Way (Western), Maldon, Essex

To consider the planning application and recommendations of the Director of Service Delivery, (copy enclosed, Members’ Update to be circulated)*.


Application Number



Land South Of Wycke Hill And Limebrook Way (Western)

Maldon Essex


Reserved matters application for the approval of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for Phase 1 of the Western Parcel of planning permission FUL/MAL/18/00071 (Variation of conditions 5,13,21,25,43,53,55,61,63,67,68,69,74,81,84 on approved application OUT/MAL/14/01103 (Outline application for up to 1000 dwellings, an employment area of 3.4 hectares (Use Classes B1, B2 and B8 uses), a local centre (Use Classes A1-A5, B1a, C2, C3, D1 and D2 uses), a primary school, two early years and childcare facilities, general amenity areas and formal open space including allotments, sports playing fields, landscaping, sustainable drainage measures including landscaped storage basins and SuDs features, vehicle accesses onto the existing highway network and associated infrastructure) comprising 106 residential dwellings (Use Class C3), new public open space and car parking.


Crest Nicholson (Eastern)


Ms Catherine Williams – Savills

Target Decision Date


Case Officer

Kathryn Mathews



Reason for Referral to the Committee / Council

Strategic site in the Approved Local Development Plan


Following the Officer’s presentation Mr Owen, Planning Manager for Crest Nicholson (Eastern), addressed the Committee.


A lengthy debate ensued during which Members commented on the application and a large number of questions were raised. In response to these questions Officers provided the following information:-




Ø     That parking spaces did not comply with the Council’s current parking standards but no objection could be raised as  they complied with the standards required when the outline planning permission was granted. The garages were large enough to be counted as parking spaces and would be included in the parking provision.  All road widths and layout had been approved by Essex County Council Highways Department and the site will have two points of access.


Ø     That affordable housing and housing mix would comply with the s106 agreement across the Western Parcel as a whole. That it was normal in developments of this size that different phases ended up with a different mix of housing.

Ø     That garden sizes complied with the recommended minimum standards. Additional condition would take into account the provision of bat and bird boxes.

Ø     That the Anglian Water Informative confirmed that the sewage pumping station was situated offsite at 15 metres from the development therefore did not constitute a noise nuisance. That on review of layout issues raised by Essex County Council Highways officers had determined that the loss of open green spaces outweighed other concerns therefore the layout would remain as is. Furthermore, the road was a cul-de-sac with little traffic.


Ø     That Broadband requirements formed part of the original outline planning permission and would be dealt with in the normal way. With reference to communal waste storage areas it was noted that these were not necessary as the development comprised individual houses not flats. That electric charging points were not included as they did not form part of the requirements of the outline planning permission.


Ø     That management of water courses, public spaces etc. would be the responsibility of the management company which would include representative(s) of residents and  was covered by the s106 agreement linked to the outline planning permission .


Ø     That Maldon District Council did not have a policy in place to protect the provision of small properties therefore there would be no justification to  take away permitted developments rights to require that the number of bedrooms were not increased.   


Ø     That the outline planning permission conditioned the provision of bridleways on the western and southern site boundaries which would form part of future phases of the development .


In accordance with Procedure Rule No. 13 (3) Councillor C Morris requested a recorded vote on this application. This was duly seconded.


The Chairman put the proposal to approve the Officer’s recommendation as set out in the report together with the additional condition relating to the approved Ecological Conservation Management Plan to the Committee. In line with the earlier proposal there was a recorded vote as follows:-


For the recommendation:

Councillors E L Bamford, M G Bassenger, Miss A M Beale, B S Beale, R G Boyce, Mrs P A Channer, J L Fleming, A S Fluker, B E Harker, M S Heard, M W Helm, K W Jarvis, C P Morley, S P Nunn, Mrs N G F Shaughnessy, R H Siddall, Mrs M E Thompson and Miss A S White.


Against the recommendation:

Councillors K M H Lagan, C Morris, N Skeens, and J Stilts.



Councillors  V J Bell, A J Hull and C Mayes.

The motion was thereby agreed.


RESOLVED that the application be APPROVED subject to conditions as detailed in section 8 of the report with the inclusion of an additional condition as detailed below:


4. The development shall be completed in accordance with the approved Ecological Conservation Management Plan and Statement rev.H December 2019 including the Ecological Enhancement Plan for Phase 1 in Appendix 3. The proposed integrated bat boxes, swift boxes and ‘hedgehog highways’ shall be provided in accordance with the approved details before the relevant dwellings, which are to include these ecological enhancements, are occupied. The general bat and bird boxes shall be provided within 1 month of the occupation of the last dwelling within the development hereby approved. All of these ecological enhancements shall be retained as approved in perpetuity.

REASON: To ensure that the approved measures are fully implemented in the interests of nature conservation in accordance with Policies S1, D1, N2 of the Maldon District Approved Local Development Plan and the NPPF.
















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