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South Essex Parking Partnership - Joint Committee

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Information about South Essex Parking Partnership - Joint Committee

The Parking Partnership is a Council-run organisation which brings together all street-based parking services in Essex.

The aim is to administer the parking rules to a fair, proportionate and consistent standard in order to provide a service in a reasonable and responsible way.

The service is a partnership between Essex County Council and 12 Borough / City / District Councils and is run in two areas:

·                 the North Essex Parking Partnership (led by Colchester Borough Council)

·                 the South Essex Parking Partnership (led by Chelmsford City Council)

Each Partnership is responsible for:

·                 its area's on-street Civil Enforcement Officers ("traffic wardens");

·                 the enforcement process, together with challenges to, and payments of, parking penalties ("parking fines");

·                 the administration of the parking restrictions ("yellow lines") and the management and maintenance of permit schemes.


The South Essex Parking Partnership deals with all correspondence and payments for Basildon, Brentwood, Castle Point, Chelmsford, Maldon and Rochford.