Agenda and minutes

Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Wednesday 27th February 2019 7.30 pm

Venue: Council Chamber. Maldon District Council Offices, Princes Road, Maldon

Contact: Committee Services 

No. Item


Chairman's Notices


The Chairman drew attention to the list of notices published on the back of the agenda.


Apologies for Absence


An apology for absence was received from Councillor I E Dobson.  In attendance as substitute was Councillor R Pratt, CC.


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 96 KB

To confirm the Minutes of the meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 9 January 2019 (copy enclosed).




(i)                 that the Minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 9 January 2019 be received.


Minute No. 727 – 2018 / 19 Programme of Work

Councillor S J Savage requested that the minute was amended to read as follows:


Councillor S J Savage provided information regarding the need for a licence for the sewage works throughout the district, and public/press awareness when discharging into a river.”




(ii)               that subject to the above amendment the Minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 9 January 2019 be confirmed.


Public Participation

To receive the views of members of the public on items of business to be considered by the Committee (please see below):


1.               A period of ten minutes will be set aside.

2.               An individual may speak for no more than two minutes on a specific agenda item, the time slots to be allocated on a “first come first served” basis.

3.               Participation may take the form of a statement, or alternatively a question to be addressed to the Chairman.  There will be no discussion on questions put unless it is formally moved.  In line with the current scheme applied to other Committees, the questions must:

·                 not be defamatory, frivolous, vexatious or offensive;

·                 not be the same or substantially the same as another question to the same meeting or anything so put in the last six months;

·                 not involve the disclosure of confidential or exempt information.

4.               Anyone wishing to speak must notify the Committee Clerk between 7.00pm and 7.20pm prior to the start of the meeting.


There was none.


Disclosure of Interest

To disclose the existence and nature of any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests, other Pecuniary Interests or Non-Pecuniary Interests relating to items of business on the agenda having regard to paragraphs 6-8 inclusive of the Code of Conduct for Members.


(Members are reminded that they are also required to disclose any such interests as soon as they become aware should the need arise throughout the meeting).



There were none.


Presentation from the Clinical Commissioning Group

To receive a presentation from the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), with regard to the following topics as set out in the work programme:

·         Primary Care Provision in the Maldon District;

·         General Practitioner (GP) Recruitment.


Guest Speakers:

Dr Julie McGeachy – The Dengie Medical Partnership

Daniel Doherty – NHS Mid Essex CCG

James Wilson - NHS Mid Essex CCG


On behalf of the Committee, the Chairman welcomed guest speakers Dr Julie McGeachy, Clinical Vice Chair, Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) / Senior Partner, Dengie Medical Partnership, and Mr James Wright, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Mid Essex CCG, to the meeting.


Dr McGeachy and Mr Wright provided Members with an update on the work of the CCG over the past twelve months, provided the following information on current and future projects:

·         The CCG looked forward to working with Maldon District Council (MDC) to continuously improve service provision;

·          The CCG was committed to the National Health Service (NHS) Long Term Plan.  This includes educating the public on their health, prevention, and relevant lifestyle factors such as employment, housing and air quality.

·         It was acknowledged that MDC was also working with the plan by promoting active lifestyles and weight management.

·         Primary Care Foundations Project (Mid Essex)

§  Look to effectively utilise funding

§  Continue the recruitment of General Practitioners (GPs);

§  Diversify the offers available to the public and encourage them to see a relevant primary care specialist, such as a nurse or pharmacist, to release GPs appointments for more complex cases.

·         NHS Long Term Plan (available on the NHS website)

§  Move away from traditional acute services to enable strong primary care and complimentary services;

§  Provide sustainable healthcare for the future by working on prevention.

§  Work towards social prescribing from clinical pharmacists, physiotherapists, paramedics etc;

§  Build up Primary Care Networks to form strong networking clusters and groups;

§  The Long Term Plan is expected to be fully embedded by May 2019.

§  Sharing resources between local practices to provide the best possible service.

·         GP Recruitment

§  Acknowledged that recruitment was an ongoing problem;

§  From 2020, 50% of GPs’ in Essex would be eligible to retire, failure to recruit would adversely impact Maldon and the surrounding areas;

§  It takes 10 years for a GP to qualify;

§  The William Fisher Medical Centre, Southminster has become a training practice, trainees will undertake 18 months at the centre, and initially deal with no more than 6 patients a day.

The Committee was informed of a visit to Holland in October 2018 where progressive working has been identified and is currently being translated into working practice within the Dengie.  Projects included the following:

·         15 Minute Project

§  A collaborative project between NHS England, LMC, CCG, and Neighbourhood Care.

§  If delivered, fewer consultations will be required.  This could result in a more attractive offer and aid the recruitment and retention of GPs.

·         Neighbourhood Care

§  Neighbourhood Care aimed to create teams of care workers with set geographic areas.  It was considered that this would allow consistency for patients and families.

The Chairman, on behalf of the Committee, thanked the CCG for a comprehensive and informative presentation.  The CCG provided the following information in response to Members questions:

·         Section 106:  A meeting would take place in March 2019 with the CCG’s Director of Estates.  This would be an  ...  view the full minutes text for item 901.


Adjournment of the Meeting


RESOLVED that the meeting be adjourned at 20:18.



Resumption of Business in Open Session


RESOLVED that the meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee be resumed at 20:19.



Section 106 Agreements pdf icon PDF 181 KB

To consider the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance, (copy enclosed).

Additional documents:


Members received the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance which provided the six-monthly update on Section 106 infrastructure projects.  The report set out the progress on Section 106 projects delivered by Maldon District Council, NHS England, and Essex County Council.


The Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance introduced the report making reference to the Appendices.  The Committee was advised that the monitoring and recording of Section 106 Agreements (S106) had significantly improved.

A short discussion ensued where the following answers were provided in response to Members questions:

·         Funds secured, totalling £14,520.00, are not enough for the provision of community allotments.  This was undergoing consultation and would be reported back to a future meeting of the Committee.

·         Affordable housing schemes within the district were subject to an allocations policy.  Subsequent to the meeting, Officers confirmed that Maldon District Council has 100% nomination rights on first lets to people registered on the Housing Register (Gateway to Homechoice) currently living in the District followed by people who have a local connection to the District (parents, siblings, or children).  Generally, subsequent lets are advertised on the System allowing applicants from all 7 Councils in the Gateway to Homechoice System (Babergh, Braintree, Colchester, Ipswich, East Suffolk, Maldon, Waveney) to apply.

·         Sheltered housing within the district is subject to S106.  The additional facilities are provided as a requirement.

·         Burnham Town Council would be receiving £12,000.00.  Clarification on spending is to be checked and provided to the town council.

·         The BMX youth facility in Burnham-on-Crouch would have consultees for the project.  Subsequent to the meeting, Officers have confirmed that on-site consultation will take place with users of the existing ramps and skate park, and that Social Media would be used to gain a wider opinion.  Suggestions have been that it should be aspiring to ta scale-able version of the Great Baddow and Hadleigh facilities if at all deliverable.

·         Primary Schools within Burnham were subject to S106 as clarified in Appendix B of the report.



                   (i)            Provision of funds for allotments within the Garden Suburb would be reported back to a future meeting of the Committee.

                (ii)            Clarification on the spending of £12,000.00 to Burnham Town Council to be confirmed and provided to the relevant parties.


Review of Performance - Quarter 3 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 101 KB

To consider the report of the Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance, (copy enclosed).

Additional documents:


Councillor M Heard declared a non-pecuniary interest in this item as he was employed by Essex Police as an Auditor until the end of March 2019.


The Committee received and confirmed that the report of the Director of Resources.  The report supplied Members with details of performance against targets set for 2018/19 to ensure that progress is being achieved toward the overall corporate goals and objectives detailed in the Corporate Plan.


The Director of Resources then provided Members with the following information in response to questions on the report:


Levels of Reported Crime

·         Members were advised that there was no Quarter 1 on the report so that figures provided for Quarters 2 and 3 can be compared to the previous municipal year.

·         The figures provided for the Levels of Crime refer to those reported.  Members were advised that any further questions around these would need to be directed towards the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

Homelessness Prevention

·         Figures in the report are those provided by the Maldon District Council Housing Team.

North Heybridge Garden Suburb

·         The report covers the period up to December 2018.  An update for Members will be provided at the next meeting of the Extraordinary Council (Planning) on 28 February 2019.

·         The Council cannot make comment on any live Enforcement Notices.

Site S2g

·         An update on enforcement will be provided at a future meeting of the Committee.


·         This is being considered at the next meeting of the Extraordinary Council (Planning) on 28 February 2019.


·         There are over 16000 collections per day; an average of 10 missed collections is considered a good number.

·         Missed collections are usually a result of remote properties or issues around access.

·         The figures provided were a result of garden waste tonnage due to a particularly dry summer.

·         Figures provided do not demonstrate whether it was the same properties that had missed collections.  The data collected does not allow for this information to be identified.

Central Area Masterplan (CAMP)

·         Owners of property and local businesses will be consulted as part of the project.

·         At present no contracts have been issued, CAMP sites are currently undergoing procurement.

Air Quality

·         Air quality on Market Hill had exceeded the legal limit.

·         Chelmsford City Council have won the bid and are writing an action plan to improve air quality.  This is a process which is expected to take 12 months to complete.

Revenues and Benefits

·         It is expected that the department will be fully staffed by June 2019, there is a mitigation plan in place were this not to happen.

·         Where there is a delay in the assessment of Council Tax Support (CTS) no compensation is paid.  This is due to the applicant’s liability being monitored by the Council and payment of CTS being applied directly to their billing account.  Applicants are not pursued for non/under-payment whilst there is a pending claim.

·         Parish precepts should be set bases of the difference between forecast income and expenditure for the following year. Some Parish Councils were looking to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 905.


2018/19 Programme of Work Update pdf icon PDF 94 KB

To consider the report of the Director of Resources, (copy enclosed).

Additional documents:


Members received the report of the Director of Resources which provided an update on the progress of items included in the Programme of Work for 2018/19.


The Committee received and confirmed the report of the Director of Resources.   Members had no questions on the Programme of Work Update.


Any other items of scrutiny Members wish to consider



The Director of Resources requested that Members advise any items they wish to be considered for inclusion in the Committee Programme of Work.  The following issues were raised:-


·         Tennis Courts at Promenade Park - The Council owned tennis courts at the Promenade Park are currently leased out and following the end of the contract will be going out to tender in April 2019.


·         Provision for a Business Advisor to Local Businesses for support following BREXIT - Members questioned whether a business advisor could be provided within the district to advise on import/export tariffs under the World Trade Act following BREXIT on 29 March 2019.  After a brief discussion the Committee agreed that this was not an item for the programme of work.


·         Ownership of the Burnham-on-Crouch Allotments - Councillor P G L Elliott provided information to the Committee in support of his request for the Council Solicitor to take the case of Ownership of the Burnham-on-Crouch Allotments at no expense to the Parish Council.  Included in this was a timeline of the ownership for the Allotments as follows:

o   1932 land gifted to Burnham Town Council.

o   1972 transferred to MDC.

o   1995 MDC transferred the land to Plume (now Moat).

Members agreed this is a legal issue and not an item for scrutiny at this time.  It was requested that Burnham Town Council provide suitable information to Moat.




                  (i)             That no items be added to the Programme of Work at this time.