Issue - meetings

Chairman's notices

Meeting: 04/11/2021 - Council (Item 354)

Chairman's notices


Having welcomed everyone to the meeting the Chairman raise that from this Council the seating plan that had been given to Members this evening be approved.  This was duly agreed.


RESOLVED  that the Council seating plan given to Members at this meeting be approved.


The Chairman referred to the tragic death of Sir David Amess MP for Southend West and asked all Members to join him and the residents of the District for a moments’ silent reflection to remember him and his family to whom deepest sympathies were sent.


Following this, the Chairman returned to the agenda and went through some general housekeeping arrangements for the meeting.


Following interruptions by Councillor C Morris then raised a Point of Order.  This was not taken by the Chairman and Councillor Morris kept repeating his Point of Order.  Councillor Morris kept interrupting and other Members raised their voices.[1]  The Chairman advised Councillor Morris that his behaviour was unacceptable and had breached the Council’s Code of Conduct.  He asked Councillor Morris to cease this behaviour.


The Chairman referred to the Nolan principles of accountability and integrity and then the Council’s Procedure Rule 10 – Disorderly Conduct.  He then moved that Councillor Morris be not heard.  This was duly seconded and agreed by the Council.


RESOLVED that Councillor C Morris be not heard.


The Chairman moved that due to Councillor Morris’ continued misconduct that he leave the meeting.  This was duly agreed by the Council.


RESOLVED that Councillor C Morris leave the meeting.


The Chairman then requested that all Officers present leave the meeting referring to his duty and care towards Members of Staff.


At this point three Police officers arrived due to the continued disorderly conduct of Councillor Morris.

[1]  Minute No. 520 (Council 24 February 2022)